Treasurer Scott Morrison visits Trinity

Students from Trinity Grammar School in Sydney didn’t hold back from asking the tough questions when they hosted a Q&A session with Treasurer, The Hon Scott Morrison MP.

Economics and Business Studies students along with students from the Economics Q&A Club, joined Head Master, Tim Bowden, Barry Collins from the School Council and Treasury officials, for the intense Q&A session.

“The session was exciting and electric. There were thought-provoking questions and informative answers. At first we asked Mr Morrison some straightforward economics questions, but later on, we moved to the controversial questions,” said Year 12 Economics student, Cameron Strauss.

Some notable questions included School Captain, Saachin Simpson asking Mr Morrison how he aims to achieve a balanced budget by calling for tax cuts. Elliott Earnshaw of Year 11 recommended strategies that the Federal Government could implement to achieve the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement, and Alex Kolesnikoff of Year 12 provocatively questioned the benefits of new appointment Philip Gaetjens as Treasury Secretary.

“The Question and Answer sessions provided a unique and exciting opportunity for our students to learn from a prominent politician. I’m sure it has given Trinity students more confidence and motivation, making them better Australian citizens. The students clearly appreciated it, and I overheard one Year 12 student comment that it was a highlight of his six years at Trinity,” reflected Ian Moore, Head of Economics at Trinity.

“I was keen to learn how corporate tax cuts would boost the economy, and subsequently suggested more investment in public services or even tax cuts for low and middle-income earners was a better strategy than lowering corporate tax cuts,” said Cameron.

Year 12 student Jacob Gadiel was a little bolder in his approach, asking whether Mr Morrison would consider contesting leadership of the Liberal party should the opportunity arise. Mr Morrison was quick to reply that he is certain Mr Turnbull will win the next election.

“The whole experience was nothing short of fantastic and one that is a highlight of our time at Trinity. I wish to thank Treasurer Morrison for giving up time from his busy schedule to be with us for this remarkable event. We’ve concluded that he would be the next Liberal Prime Minister. Our teacher, Mr Ian Moore is hoping that this prediction is correct, so that we can say that Trinity students have been privileged to direct questions to five (currently four) Prime Ministers in the past 30 years,” concluded Cameron.

Mr Morrison is the fifth sitting Treasurer to answer questions from the Trinity Economists since 1983.

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