Strong results for Flinders’ music students

Matthew Flinders Anglican College in Queensland has completed another great year of performances as part of the 2019 Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod, with a total of 299 Flinders music students performing, with many taking to the stage multiple times.

Principal Stuart Meade congratulated Flinders’ music students who completed an incredible 750 performances with 168 students receiving first, 205 receiving second, 137 receiving third places, and 86 students receiving Highly Commended places – amounting to 596 place-getters out of 750.

The college’s Stage Band and Flinders Choir also excelled, being awarded first place in their respective sections of the Eisteddfod.

“Flinders provides a strong music program under the guidance of committed, caring and experienced music teachers to give students the best start in their music journey,” Mr Meade said.

“We proudly offer music as a compulsory subject from Prep to Year 6, culminating in the Year 6 musical, which involves every student in the cohort,” he said.

“Research proves that music benefits learning in diverse ways, including to help children think more clearly and concisely and to develop advanced motor skills.

“Music also gives students an enhanced sense of health and wellbeing and is a skill and passion young people can enjoy throughout their lives.

“Our students are guided by a passionate and caring music teaching team at Flinders with extensive experience and talent in their respective musical fields.”

In Secondary School, Flinders’ Year 7 students also benefit from music lessons during the year, learning guitar and African drumming, while students in Years 8 to 12 can choose music as an elective.

Extension music is available for those who wish to study music as a career after school, and Flinders also offers private mentoring run by skilled music teachers.

Students who were awarded championships at the Eisteddfod include Year 8 student Craig King who won Junior Brass and Woodwind Champion; Year 11 student Tate Cassells who won Senior Brass and Woodwind Champion; and Year 11 student Zahra Voss who won Senior Vocal Champion.

A number of Flinders bands also won their ensemble sections, including the Year 6 Woodwind Ensemble Small Instrumental, Flinders Saxophone Quartet, Flinders Percussion Ensemble Quartet, and Chamber Voices Blue.

This year, the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod introduced bursaries for the first time with two Flinders students proudly accepting the bursaries.

Year 11 student Tate Cassells was awarded the Brass and Woodwind Bursary, and Year 12 student Tilly Smith was awarded the Vocal Bursary.

A further congratulations to Tilly Smith who also received the Betty Jenkins Award, an aggregate award for 16-18 years Vocal Solo, Music Theatre, Sacred and Gospel Items.

For more information about Flinders music program, please click here.

Pictured above: Matthew Flinders Anglican College Stage Band were awarded first place in their section at the 2019 Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod

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