SJIS: 50 years of bilingual education

The Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) in Terrey Hills, Sydney is celebrating its 50th year of providing quality, bilingual and affordable education, which is rich in culture, to those families who believe a bilingual education is an asset well worth the investment.

From its early beginnings as the first overseas Japanese school in a developed country, the school has since grown to offer families the choice of the Japanese or NSW curriculums, establishing it as the first of its kind to offer a dual curriculum structure, in a rich cultural learning environment.

With children from a diverse range of cultures, learning side-by-side, the school nurtures a ‘global mindset’, preparing children to become active participants in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

With the learning of a language and a culture foreign to their own, children start to see beyond the lens of school life, to a world rich in diversity and opportunity. In this sense, an SJIS education provides children with the bridge to the future from a world now, to what it is moving towards. Hence why SJIS graduates are found in the worlds of the arts, business, sport, linguistics and in technical vocations, across the globe, all attributing their worldly endeavours and achievements with the attitudes and perspective they acquired during their time at SJIS.

For its 50th year, the school is excited about refining a curriculum that utilises the very best of both the Japanese and Australian education standards, and to provide continued support for non-English speakers. This curriculum reform plan underpins the school’s determination to create a globally-minded curriculum with a distinctive Japanese character within an Australian setting. This exciting plan will honour the school’s distinctive heritage, and enable it to lead students to the future even more effectively.

During this 50th year, the school will be paying homage to its past, as well as opening up doorways to the future, while embracing both the heart and harmony that is synonymous with both the Australian and Japanese cultures.

SJIS will host its Observation Day and Family Fun Day on Sunday 18 August.

The Family Fun Day will replace the school’s Annual Fun Fair and will commemorate the 50th anniversary of SJIS. It will involve students, parents, families, staff and alumni.

There will be a lesson observation (first period) and a 50th Anniversary Assembly (string ensemble and a special comedy performance) in the morning.

In the afternoon, obento sales as well as amusement rides and a SJIS 50 year history walk rally are planned.

If you are interested in attending for the Observation morning and are not a current family of SJIS, please register online by clicking here.

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