Lourdes Hill College

Lourdes Hill College is an independent Catholic College for girls in Years 7 to 12, with a current population of over 1200 students.
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YEAR 7 to YEAR 12

86 Hawthorne Rd

Lourdes Hill College is an independent Catholic College for girls in Years 7 to 12, with a current population of over 1200 students.


Located in Hawthorne, directly across the Brisbane River from New Farm Park, the College is one of Brisbane's most recognisable landmarks.


Founded in 1916 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Lourdes Hill is a secondary College with both a rich history and a bright future. The College is proud to honour its past, whilst proactively looking toward the future and building positive pathways for its students.


The College was founded to orchestrate joyful and ambitious learning for every girl, no matter what her interests or abilities are. At Lourdes Hill, students are treated as great learners and are encouraged to strive for personal excellence through a range of opportunities and support.


Lourdes Hill's academic track record speaks for itself, but success is not judged by academic results alone. The test of true success is whether each student has been given the opportunity to step forward to reach her full potential.


The Lourdes Hill approach to education draws on the insights and practices of Benedictine spirituality and the story of the Good Samaritan, emphasising the values that support holistic living. Students are encouraged to live out the practical Benedictine values of genuine community, compassion, effective listening and moral stability.

The LHC curriculum is faith based, built on the College's rich traditions, practical everyday spirituality and rules for living a good life. Students are encouraged to put their faith into practice by participating in homeless and disability outreach services, compassionate fundraising and connection with the wider Catholic community.


An extensive co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to indulge a passion, learn new skills, develop leadership abilities and provide service to the College and the community. Students can take part in any number of activities beyond the classroom across a range of areas including sport, drama, dance, music, public speaking and photography.


A Lourdes Hill girl knows the gift of her education, even while she is in the midst of it, and is always happy to talk to prospective students and parents about what makes her school an academically challenging and joyful place to learn.

The LHC learning framework is designed to develop student’s thinking skills within authentic, real life contexts, and to provide a unified approach to curriculum planning and delivery.

The Middle School curriculum provides the three year learning journey for young adolescents, centred around the three major themes of Relationships (English, Religion, LOTE, Social Education), Creativity (Music, Physical Education, Home Economics, Drama, Visual Art) and Investigation (Mathematics, Science & Technology, Business).

Senior students are offered a wide range of OP and non-OP subjects, guided preparation for university entrance, academic mentoring, real university experiences and Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities.

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