Loreto Normanhurst

Loreto Normanhurst is a leading Sydney independent, Catholic day and boarding school for girls. Established in 1897, the school is part of a 400-year tradition of educating girls, and is connected to a worldwide network of Loreto schools, including seven in Australia.
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YEAR 7 to YEAR 12

91-93 Pennant Hills Rd

Our Foundress, Mary Ward, a simple and devout English woman who lived from 1585-1645, believed that "Women in time to come will do much" This still resonates with us today. In our school, we live out Mary Ward"s vision through the Loreto Values of Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Verity and Felicity.

Loreto Normanhurst seeks to affirm and encourage the development of young women who will take their place in the world as leaders and people of commitment, inspired by gospel values. The school fosters a liberal education, with self-motivated learning and pursuit of personal excellence central to its teaching and learning philosophy. Each student is encouraged to fulfill her personal and academic potential in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect for the individual.

Life at Loreto Normanhurst is exciting and fun. The school has a diverse student and parent community made up of both boarding and day families. There are many incredible opportunities on offer for the community to be part of in our 24/7 school. The school's dynamic staff empower motivated students to achieve their personal best in academic and extracurricular pursuits, and grow as confident young women who are faith filled and flexible to meet the needs of their world.

A school which offers breadth and richness in its relationships and its curriculum, a school which provides opportunities to grow in spirit and faith and which prepares a young woman to take her place and make a difference in the world - this is Loreto Normanhurst.

At Loreto Normanhurst, relationships and learning are of equal importance. The school offers the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM), an award-winning model of education which develops students holistically in the areas of Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular (FACE).

A central component of the FACE Curriculum is Integrated Learning, in which students undertake to develop the skills of independent and life-long learning through a series of tasks that focus on real world situations.

The success of the LNSGM in the academic realm is highly evident, with Loreto Normanhurst having been ranked as the top Catholic School in NSW for four out of the last five years. In the 2015 HSC, the school was ranked as the #1 Catholic School and #26 overall in the State.

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