Grace Lutheran College, Caboolture Campus

We understand God’s freely given generosity to us, inspiring us to honour and accept others, while passionately embracing new learning and persevering when learning is challenging.
School Founded
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YEAR 7 to YEAR 12
$8,000 - $10,000

129 Toohey Street

Grace Lutheran College is, by the grace of God, a Christian community. It aims to continue the preparation of young people for a life of faith and service so that God will be glorified in the world.

Grace Lutheran College is a co-educational Christian secondary school with campuses in Rothwell and Caboolture. The College has been established for forty years and offers students a multitude of curricular and co-curricular opportunities to suit every child and their interests. From over 50 subject options and over 100 sporting, service, performing arts, creative industries and academic activities every child in your family can feel like they belong at Grace.

Many of our families say they chose Grace because of how we make them feel – the warm actions, selfless gifts, altruistic endeavours and kind words. They entrust their children to us, safe in the knowledge that Grace provides a secure, supportive environment for all students.

One of the stand out inclusions at Grace is our Outdoor Education program. All students in Year 10 head out to Googa at Blackbutt, leaving technology behind, to learn skills to help them grow academically and personally in the final two years of school and beyond. The aim of this journey is for the students to hone self-reliance and team work skills, and understand their spiritual path.

Additionally, Grace offers after-school assistance with homework, study and assignments by paid tutors who specialise in different subject areas Mondays to Thursdays. Parents can feel assured that their child is supervised and receiving assistance before picking them up in the evening after work or other family commitments.

When children are born their world is full of possibility. As a parent, you want to give them every opportunity to achieve their dreams. At Grace, we know that not everyone is a scholar, not everyone is good with their hands, not everyone is good on the sports field or dance floor, but everyone is good at something. Our role is to help students discover it.

Every child can experience Grit at Grace. Every child can Grow at Grace. Every child can find Grace at Grace. Your aspirations are ours – we work in partnership with our parents to encourage your child to uncover who they are and explore what they love doing. As their confidence grows so does their capacity to strive towards their ambitions. This is the Grace Way.

Curriculum Principles

In constructing our curriculum the following principles have been applied:

The Basics
Grace provides a strong foundation in the general capabilities outlined in ACARA: Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Behaviour and Intercultural Understanding. These are developed through specific subjects and across curriculum areas.

A Grace education means an education for the whole person – spiritual, academic, physical, social, emotional, technological and cultural. Mandatory aspects of the curriculum therefore include Christian Studies, Chapel, Pastoral Care, Sport, and Outdoor Education (including the four-week Googa program). Students are also encouraged to participate in the wide range of co-curricular opportunities.

Choice and Differentiation
Grace seeks to cater for all members of a family: boys and girls, students who learn at varying rates and those with diverse interests. Grace provides learning support, academic enrichment offerings and allow elective choices for students from Year 8-12. In the Senior School, we offer various prerequisite subjects for University and Vocational Education and Training options.

Two-Campus, One School Policy
Grace Heads of Department and Curriculum work across the College, ensuring work programs, standards and assessment are consistent at both campuses. The Rothwell Campus offers subjects on site in 2018 in all Key Learning Areas from Years 7-12. In some cases, Caboolture students are able to study a subject with Rothwell students or via Distance Education.

Performing Arts
Religion / Faith
Co-Curricular Activities
Creative Arts
Student Health and Wellbeing
Gifted and Talented
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Tennis Courts
Outdoor MultiPurpose Sporting Courts
Heated Swimming Pool
Trade Training Centre
Dance Studio
Sporting Oval
Basketball Stadium
Performing Arts Centre

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