Barker College, Hornsby

Barker College is a Pre-K to Year 12 coeducational Anglican School. 2020 marks our 130th anniversary and the year in which coeducation commenced in the Middle School. Our transition to full coeducation began in 2018 and by 2022 we will be fully coed from Pre-K to Year 12.
School Founded
Student Numbers
Year Levels
YEAR 10 to YEAR 12
$22,000 - $34,000

91 Pacific Hwy

There are two distinct differences at Barker College. One is that it's a school that deliberately and intentionally allows people to thrive in a holistic sense – emotionally, physiologically, physically, academically.

The second thing is that we have a firm coeducational identity and a firm expression of that. It’s a view that everybody can find a place and thrive irrespective of interests, skillset or capacity and be committed to doing that in a way that brings young men and young women together for the proper expression of human interaction and identity.

The School maintains a strong reputation for excellent academic outcomes through the deliberate cultivation of a culture to support individual student achievement.

To learn more about how we inspire every student, in every experience, every day visit and book on one of our regular school tours.

No two days at Barker are ever the same. Students are constantly challenging themselves – and being challenged – as they grow, expand their minds and learn to think big, practically and independently.

From Pre-Kindergarten through to the Senior years, students are exposed to a range of diverse opportunities and experiences. Through this, they’re able to develop resilience and adaptability within a supportive environment. Barker’s academic program is a whole-school approach to learning. We have a curriculum that is rigorous and which values inquiry, thinking and understanding.

Barker’s curriculum is adaptive and flexible, allowing for student choice and catering for interest and ability. Within a Teaching for Understanding framework, Barker students are taught to think critically, apply knowledge in new situations and develop the skills needed to become lifelong learners. We use data to track student progress during each year and from year to year, giving us a deep understanding of student strengths, areas for improvement and development over time.

International Baccalaureate
Tradition / Culture
Performing Arts
Debating / Public Speaking
Religion / Faith
Co-Curricular Activities
Creative Arts
Student Health and Wellbeing
Gifted and Talented
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Tennis Courts
Outdoor MultiPurpose Sporting Courts
Heated Swimming Pool
Boarding House
Dance Studio
Sporting Oval
Performing Arts Centre

Music, academic and boarding scholarships. Scholarship examination held in November at Barker College.

Regular tours of our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools held several times throughout each term. Book online

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