Redevelopment at Wesley College

A new, state-of-the-art redevelopment is set to expand enrolment capacity at the Wesley College Glen Waverley Campus, creating exciting new scholarship opportunities for students entering Years 5 and 7.

The Glen Waverley Middle School redevelopment, expected to be completed by late 2019, will feature a wide range of facilities for students, including:
• A whole campus library;
• A dynamic language centre, fitted with advanced acoustics, audio-visual equipment and a mini-theatrette;
• A student-centred Year 9 precinct dedicated to preparing students for transition into Senior School;
• A STEM and design technology hub; and
• A new chapel, with striking facade and views looking onto the natural landscape of the campus.

The building will be positioned at the heart of the Glen Waverley Campus, creating a centralised learning and social space.
Providing increased capacity in the middle years, the facility has also made way for the aptly named Glen Waverley Middle School Expansion Scholarship, open to students entering Years 5 and 7.

According to Head of Glen Waverley Campus and Acting Principal, Richard Brenker, the new scholarship reflects Wesley’s commitment to providing opportunities for students to learn, grow and develop.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer an expanded enrolment capacity in Years 5 and 7, during what is a key stage in the academic and emotional development of students,” he says.

Construction of the redevelopment is progressing swiftly towards completion, with the initial stage of the redevelopment open and operational.

The Wells Centre marks the first chapter of the development, and is a purpose-built hub where students in Years 5 and 6 meet as a community as well as work in groups or individually.

The concept for the centre, and the redevelopment as a whole, was inspired by a carefully considered education brief, which gives greater recognition to the transitions central to the adolescent middle years.

Commencing in Year 5 at Wesley College offers each child a smooth transition from the upper primary years in preparation for Middle and Senior Schools.
In Year 5, Wesley’s transdisciplinary approach to learning guides students through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme, providing a solid foundation for transition to the IB Middle Years Programme in Year 7.

In the IB Primary and Middle Years Programmes students learn through inquiry, harnessing their passions and interests, and applying their knowledge and skills across subjects.
The inquiry approach enables Wesley teachers to challenge and support all students to work individually and collaboratively towards appropriate but challenging ‘stretch’ goals for learning and provide feedback to help them take the next productive steps in their learning.

According to Daniel Mackay, Years 5 and 6 Cluster Leader at the Glen Waverley Campus, fostering independence is a key focus of the Years 5 and 6 program.
“Students follow their own timetable, move to and from specialist lessons independently, and are guided and supported to adapt to an increased workload, including Home Learning,” Mr Mackay says.

“We foster learning through a growth mindset approach, encouraging students to take risks and make mistakes. A growth mindset has been shown to increase motivation and achievement, and foster long-term success, as students learn the value of persevering to meet challenging goals.”

While encouraged to be independent risk-takers, students are supported and guided through a robust pastoral care program, in which teachers and students work together to explore themes of resilience, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude, and safety online.

“The themes explored through our pastoral care program ground our young adolescent students during what is a transitional period of their lives,” adds Mr Mackay.

“We also continually empower students to find reward in being a responsible citizen and having a positive influence on others. Our students are always learning, exploring, doing. They model collaboration, responsibility and accountability.”

According to Mr Mackay, the new Wells Centre at the Glen Waverley Campus is helping each Year 5 and 6 student learn to be the best they can be.

Wesley College’s Glen Waverley Campus delivers unique learning opportunities, with full-time and weekly boarding options available.
For more information regarding Wesley College’s full range of scholarships, please click here.

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