Meriden: Community minded

Centred on the Christian faith, which is expressed in the Anglican tradition, Meriden seeks to develop its students into young women who are capable of exercising judgement in moral issues and willing to serve the wider community with understanding, creativity and dedication.

Meriden explores the person of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible while promoting respect for those of other faiths and backgrounds. The school provides an inclusive environment, where girls of all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

All staff support the school’s Christian values of compassion, integrity, courage and respect. Students attend Chapel services and participate in Christian Education classes.
As Meriden Principal Dr Julie Greenhalgh explains, a school like Meriden has several features that can be attributed to its affinity with the Anglican Church and the Christian faith, including the value the school places on learning and academic excellence.

“The first Anglican schools in Australia were held in churches, so there is a close association between schools and Anglican churches,” Dr Greenhalgh explains. “Anglican schools like Meriden respect their traditions and heritage. Consequently, we want to ensure that there are structures and processes in place to ensure that the school operates efficiently and effectively. Perhaps most importantly, Anglican schools consider that every child is made in the image of God; therefore, every child is precious. We aim to treat every child with respect and care in an environment of joy, hope and love. The wellbeing of the children is our priority.”

The Chaplaincy team plays a key role in the life of the school. Through a wealth of programs and activities, the team provides guidance, support and pastoral care to the school community of students, parents and staff.

Students are given the opportunity to further explore the Christian faith during Christian Education classes. Junior School students take part in one 30 minute lesson each week, while Senior School students in Years 7-10 participate in one 60 minute lesson per week. In Year 11, students take part in Christian Education forums which are held each term.

Students as young as Year 1 at Meriden are able to participate in Student Christian Groups. Girls in Years 1 and 2 participate in Mini Cru which is followed in Years 3 to 6 by Crusaders. In the Senior School, more than 150 girls from Years 7 to 12 participate in the school’s various Bible study groups. Each year, the Senior School Student Christian Groups take part in an annual Christian camp with students from Trinity Grammar School. Along with providing students with the opportunity to sing, pray and read the Bible, the camp encourages students to enjoy the outdoors, speak with fellow students about life and faith, and create lasting friendships.

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