Loreto students chop their locks

A passionate group of Year 12 students from Loreto College in Brisbane pledged to cut their hair in order to raise funds for women’s cancers.

As the College celebrates 90 years and focuses on the virtue of justice, Loreto students were determined to raise the bar for this year’s Pink Day celebrations.

“In our 90th anniversary year, our students are placing justice at the centre of all fundraising activities. Our students support this cause because insidious diseases such as women’s cancers touches the lives of many women in our community. I am proud of the compassion our students show,” said Kim Wickham, Loreto College Principal.

The College’s fundraising efforts included encouraging all students and staff to wear pink, holding a student cupcake stall, hosting a staff ‘Pink’ morning tea and raffle and giving students the opportunity to chop their locks.

“The girls really wanted to give back by sacrificing what is precious to them and they are proud to know their hair will be made into children’s wigs,” added Andreia Wigan, Loreto College’s Director of Mission.

“The College’s ethos and philosophies as a Loreto school encourages students and staff to embrace the virtues of Mary Ward and aspire to follow her teachings of empowering, liberating and educating young women. To these justice focused girls, liberation and empowerment has come from losing their locks for a wonderful cause.”

Like many communities, Loreto students, families and staff have been greatly affected by the impact of women’s cancers.

Year 12 student, Nicholla Pittolo said, “We are lucky to have hair that will grow back. I chose to rock the chop in support of my aunt and in solidarity for all women and their families who have to go through cancer related hardships.”

Fellow Year 12 student, Abbey Guilfoyle added, “I was nervous but cutting my hair was a choice I could make, unfortunately people with cancer do not have that luxury.”

Lauren Muggeridge, also in Year 12, said, “I wanted to cut my hair to support everyone who has been through the struggle of cancer. There are so many people worse off than me, I really wanted to give back to those people.”

Mrs Wigan praised the girls’ initiative and commitment. “The students really have gone above and beyond this year. We are extremely proud of their efforts, particularly because all of these students have been touched by cancer in one way or another.”

This year Loreto has raised over $3500 from their cupcake stall, staff morning tea and raffle, free dress donations and ‘rocking the chop’.

This money has been donated to the Cancer Council to support them in their pledge to work towards better treatments and prevention, to provide hope for more survivors and to offer support for women diagnosed with cancer.

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