Grace Lutheran: The gifted and talented

Priding itself in the provision of specialised programs for the gifted and talented, Grace Lutheran College in the Moreton Bay region of Queensland is now offering a unique set of programs for high achieving students that support the academic, social, emotional and organisational needs of the individual child.

“With dedicated, specialist staff who have been leaders in this field for 15 years, our Academic Enrichment Program provides individual case management and academic plans for gifted students, whilst our Ignite Excellence Programs in English, Mathematics, Science, Music and Sport, are for high achieving students within those specific subject areas,” said Leigh-ann Forman, Academic Enrichment Coordinator at Grace Lutheran College.

After being identified as a candidate via the application process, Isabelle (pictured) entered the Ignite Excellence: Mathematics Program in Year 7.  She was then provided the opportunity to complete Years 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics in two years, followed by commencing Senior School Mathematics twelve months early.

“Through the use of the flip teaching model, accelerated curriculum programs and individual case management, Isabelle and her accelerated Maths class are performing at an outstanding level,” Mrs Forman said. “She and her peers are on track to finish Year 12 Mathematics Methods in Year 11, allowing them a study spare on their timetable in Year 12 to focus on their other subjects or to commence early university subjects at no charge.

“Isabelle and her fellow students will be sought-after candidate for university scholarships and course placements in STEM and Mathematics.”

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