Geelong Baptist College: A positive contribution

At Geelong Baptist College, a student’s journey is a collaborative one that involves parents, students and teachers. The school guides its students to develop their skills and talents so that they may contribute positively to the College community and beyond.

Geelong Baptist College believes students can make good choices, which will then empower them to behave in ways that will enable them to integrate meaningfully into our changing and challenging world. Each student is unique and the College seeks to explore their capabilities and competencies in order to assist them in directing their studies in the areas where their strengths lie.

Geelong Baptist College accommodates students from Foundation through to Year 12, making for a seamless transition from one year to the next. It offers both VCE and VCAL courses which cater for all students, whatever their skills and aspirations might be. Students are also given the opportunity to complete VET courses as part of their coursework, as well as School Based Apprenticeships for those who would benefit most from this pathway.

Geelong Baptist College focuses on its students’ wellbeing and is known for providing a safe and supportive environment in which they can flourish. This context enables students to safely express their unique personalities and to develop these without prejudice. The College is protective of the strong relationship between Primary and Secondary, which is not only bridged by families with siblings at both levels, but also by the educational interactions between students across the College.

Geelong Baptist College is proud of the Year 9 Edge program, which is presented at a very critical time in the lives of adolescent students. The program is designed to assist students to develop their skills, know their limitations and bring understanding and awareness of their own communities. It also assists in enabling them to integrate meaningfully into society as they mature.

A strength of the College is its capacity to provide accessible and meaningful education to a supportive community of learners. It is dedicated to helping its students develop in confidence, build their skills and establish healthy relationships that equip them to respond appropriately to life’s challenges.

The Christian values that underpinned the College’s Australian heritage are embedded in its own College values and mission. It is mindful of the changing worldviews presented in our 21st Century society and encourages each student to adopt an inquiring mindset, enveloping critical thinking that will enable and equip them to form and develop their own worldview, whilst being respectful of others.

The Principals Judy Sobey and Neil Wetmore would be delighted to meet you and introduce you and your child to life at Geelong Baptist College.

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