Geelong Baptist College – To know and to learn

Your child’s view of the world begins in the home and school culture can reinforce this. Founded and modelled on a Christian foundation, Geelong Baptist College in Melbourne can provide your child with an environment that is spiritually enriching.

At Geelong Baptist College, the curriculum and instruction are designed to help students develop a Christ-like worldview and to be able to apply this worldview in all of life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Navigating the 21st century is difficult at times and Geelong Baptist College aims to provide its students with lifelong skills and values that will assist them in their journey. In addition to the rigour of academia, it is our desire for students to grow in kindness and wisdom, while being generous both in heart and spirit.

Geelong Baptist College understands that transitioning from primary to secondary school can be daunting for students, so being on one campus is reassuring and seamless for your child.


As a growing independent college, providing academic, creative, artistic and sporting opportunities for its 350 students, Geelong Baptist College focusses on fostering self-worth and ensuring that each student can aim to reach their full and unique potential.

The wellbeing of our students is a huge part of the culture at Geelong Baptist College. The skilled teaching staff are selected not only on their ability to teach, but also for their ability to relate to and care for each student.

The College wellbeing team is made up of teaching staff and the College Chaplain, who is highly trained in both social work and counselling.

Geelong Baptist College is well known for its firm but fair behaviour management, which ensures its students feel secure within the boundaries of College life.

Geelong Baptist College is on vast grounds with a scenic vista towards Corio Bay. Its close proximity to the Geelong Ring Road enables easy access, however the College is nestled into vast established grounds providing an airy, countryside feel.

The school’s extensive private bus service enables students from Geelong and the outer regions, as far as Point Cook and the Bellarine Peninsula, to attend the College.

If you are from Geelong or its surrounding areas, we encourage you to visit us and to see how your child will benefit from an education at Geelong Baptist College.

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