De La Salle opens new Year 9 Campus

De La Salle College has opened a new, dedicated Year 9 Campus in Malvern East, Victoria, following an intensive program of renovation and refurbishment which has turned the previous Holy Eucharist Primary School into a genuine 21st century learning environment.

Opened, on 31 January 2019, the Holy Eucharist Campus is De La Salle’s third campus and establishes the College as the first Lasallian school to have a self-sufficient, standalone campus for Year 9 students.

The campus is located just over 5 kilometres from the college’s Tiverton and Kinnoull Campuses in Malvern.

All classrooms have a strong collaborative focus – with teachers working alongside students, promoting a learning environment where students are more engaged, empowered and self-motivated.

With a new campus comes the opportunity to review and revise the program to make it relevant, exciting and engaging for Year 9 students with a focus on providing a strong personal, social and academic foundation for the senior years of schooling. This, coupled with an independent timetable has allowed De La Salle to create a program that is tailored to suit the specific needs of Year 9 students.

The program is authentic, meaningful, purposeful, distinctive and tailored towards giving students inquiry-based learning opportunities where they play a lead role in their own learning. Students are taken out of their comfort zone to engage in new experiences and different ways of thinking, allowing them to build valuable skills to ensure they succeed in the 21st century.

The program’s meaningful term-length themes of Identity, Stewardship, Futures and Legacy provide the platform in which all curriculum design is based. The curriculum itself is structured in a set of six ‘ribbons’ comprised of clustered interdisciplinary learning.

In addition to the innovative curriculum structure, the college offers a number of co-curricula programs to complement the Year 9 learning experience. These include the Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze) Award, the Rites of Passage Institute workshops and Lasallian Service.

The current climate at De La Salle is one of progression, development and innovation; working towards excellence in all areas of the college.

For more information about the new campus and Year 9 program, please click here.


Pictured above: 2019 Year 9 Student Leaders Peter Orlando (Vice‐Captain), Reeve Yogendran (Campus Captain), Mr David Alexander (Head of Year 9 Campus) and Sean MacNamara (Vice‐Captain).

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