Be Confident with BBC

A Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) education seeks to instil many competencies and qualities in each graduate.

A BBC boy should be a critical thinker and problem solver; creative, communicative and collaborative.

He should be curious, persistent, adaptable and willing to take initiative. He should possess leadership qualities and be socially and culturally aware.

He should be able to love and be loved.

To be all of these things, he must first be ‘Confident’. Where does confidence come from? Is it learned from a boy’s parents? Teachers? Faith? Experience?

It comes from all of these but, most importantly, it must come from within the boy himself. While there is no one way to guarantee a boy will grow into a confident young man, there are many ways to encourage and support it.

In a world where knowledge-based learning is no longer enough, and qualities such as resilience and confidence are essential ingredients for success, it is imperative that boys are instilled with the skills and tools to learn from their failures, and try again.

Confidently turning adversity into opportunity and knowing that while they may not be able to do something yet, they are developing the skills to find solutions and strategies for life’s many challenges.

The College’s innovative approach to education integrates best-practice teaching and learning with the science of wellbeing, placing an emphasis on equipping each student with the confidence and capability to reach their potential in today’s modern world.

In doing so, Brisbane Boys’ College is safeguarding the most important ingredient to a boy’s success: confidence.

At BBC, this approach is referred to as A New School of Thought, and it represents a new way of thinking about teaching and learning. At the heart of this approach is a Positive Education Framework, which combines the science and benefits of positive psychology with best practice teaching, learning and caring.

This framework enables BBC staff to know each boy individually and deliver purposeful and age-specific programs to equip them with much needed skills to confidently navigate their way through their school years and beyond.

By placing student wellbeing at the heart of the College’s decision making, a BBC education is preparing boys for a lifetime of fulfilment and, ultimately, success.

This embedded focus on wellbeing recognises the inextricable link between wellbeing and achievement and enables staff to effectively connect and engage with each boy through the different stages of their development, positively impacting their academic outcomes.

The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, with burgeoning technologies disrupting almost every aspect of our lives. In the face of this change, it has never been more important to provide boys with a well-rounded approach to life as part of their education.

Many current school students are likely to graduate into jobs and careers that have not yet been created, placing an onus on educators to embrace new ways of thinking while remaining agile to change.

Founded in 1902, Brisbane Boys’ College has a long and proud tradition of educating young men with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to realise their potential and thrive in the modern world.

It is a school of values and rich traditions, recognising the important role it plays in ‘future-proofing’ young men who not only have strong foundational knowledge, but who are also critical thinkers with creative and curious minds, and collaborative dispositions.

The College community takes great pride in seeing boys capably navigate their way through their schooling and step confidently into life beyond BBC as Old Collegians, ready to positively contribute to society on a local, national and international level and succeed in their chosen careers. Brisbane Boys’ College is recognised as a well-established day school for boys from Prep to Year 12, with boarding available from Year 7.

The College enjoys an enviable reputation for academic, cultural, service, spiritual and sporting performance.

Located in the inner-city suburb of Toowong, BBC is a school of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) and a founding member of The Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland (GPS).

To find out more about Brisbane Boys’ College or to register for a campus experience that best suits your family, visit or contact the Admissions Team on 07 3309 3658.

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