Arden’s nurturing spirit through the generations

Starting pre-school is a special milestone for any child and their family. However, having an Arden alumni link has brought the experience full-circle for Vicky Ameyaw, the mother of two-day pre-schooler Daniel Ameyaw.

“My best school years were at Arden,” said Ms Ameyaw. “Arden always had a family feel to it. What I found was special about Arden was the teachers were very caring towards each child and their needs. I had problems with certain subjects and the teachers noticed and gave me the extra help I needed to improve. They took their time with every child and tried to help them as best as they could. They taught us how to behave and respect people from a young age. They also taught us about appearance and how to present yourself in school uniform.”

Ms Ameyaw revealed she is excited and grateful that her son Daniel can have the chance to experience the fun she had at Arden.

“I want him to be able to look back at his time at Arden and say they were his best and fun memories. My wish for him is to learn about God as I did and how to be a caring, young respectful gentlemen. For him to be able to play sports and be involved in all the activities Arden has to offer and to do well in his studies.”

Ms Ameyaw started her Arden journey in 1989 at the two-day pre-school and remained at Arden until the end of Year 6 (1996) as Arden did not offer secondary education at that time.

When asked what she liked about Arden as a student, she shared, “I remember having lots of friends. The atmosphere of the school was always happy, and I felt safe.”

Other memories included being very excited when she achieved her pen license in Year 3, loving team sports (especially softball and netball) and music (she played the clarinet in the band).

Additionally, she recalled, “I remember we buried a time capsule in the Arden grounds – we put things like our uniform, artwork and letters in them so people in the future could see what we did.”

Experiencing an Arden education also impacted upon Ms Ameyaw’s own faith. “I remember being taught about Jesus. We used to sing songs in assembly about God and learned about him in class. That has helped me with my faith. Arden planted a seed in me which then grew and my faith in God now is stronger than ever.”

“As I have come back to Arden as a parent this time, I already feel a part of the family again. The school has added a few buildings and relocated a few offices, but I have the same Arden feeling as when I used to walk through the gates as a student. I feel welcomed back and cannot wait for Daniel’s Arden journey to continue through the years.”

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