Alphington celebrates 30 years

Established by the Greek community of Melbourne and Victoria in 1989, Alphington Grammar School is proud to embrace the cultural diversity of this vibrant city, delivering a non-denominational, private education for students of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. As an open entry and non-selective school, all students are welcome to experience an Alphington education and aspire to excellence.

Alphington Grammar has a strong commitment to helping students strive for personal success. The health and wellbeing of its students is important to the school as is the need to provide the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their educational journey and beyond. Success is measured by individual achievement and Alphington Grammar prides itself on knowing its students and helping them do their best, every step of the way.

The school’s focus is on the learning outcomes of its students and providing the appropriate life experiences and opportunities that will deliver the necessary life skills to not only succeed at school, but to thrive and contribute meaningfully in the world beyond the school gates.

Alphington Grammar aims to connect the head and the heart, and to actively engage all students with the learning process. Its mission is to inspire all students to strive for excellence in their academic, creative and sporting pursuits. The core values of Respect, Endeavour, Responsibility, Diversity, Integrity and Creativity permeate all that is done at Alphington Grammar School.

With a focus on educating the whole person, students are exposed to many curricular and co-curricular opportunities throughout their educational journey. The social and emotional development of students is underpinned by the 16 Habits of the Mind, enabling them to develop a growth mindset. This begins in the early primary years, helping each student to develop the skills that will equip them to respond using awareness, sensitivity and intentional strategy.

The primary years are integral to building solid foundations in literacy and numeracy, as well as a sense of wonder about learning skills that will help students become lifelong learners. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and achieve to the best of their abilities. The structured program, with its emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, is well supported by a stimulating program across other subject areas. This ensures students are provided with an inspiring range of learning experiences. The intended outcome is to provide students with the ability to become well-rounded, socially responsible adults.

To reinforce the benefits of experiential learning, Year 9 and 10 students participate in Global Gateways, a program that sees them spend time in either Central Australia, Darwin and the Top End, experiencing and absorbing the local culture and working with Indigenous communities; or venturing abroad to China, Turkey, Gallipoli and Greece, or Vietnam, to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures that have helped shape and influence the world we live in. By the time students enter the VCE years, they will have been exposed to a breadth of learning areas and experiences which will enhance their abilities and build on their talents and passion for learning, enabling them to experience success in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Alphington Grammar recognises that each child has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. There are programs in place to support those students who may need more help, as well as extending and challenging the highly abled students. The Aspire Program allows primary students, through guided research, to follow their curiosity and think creatively to solve real life problems; while the Alpha Initiative is a program designed to cater to the needs of the most gifted and talented secondary students. Its aim is to provide students with the essential skills for an ever-changing future, while developing a growth mindset and entrepreneurship capabilities.

A new chapter for Alphington
In 2019 the school continues to grow, transforming into a contemporary, dynamic and innovative learning environment. This year will see the opening of its new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Education Resource Centre. The new STEM Centre is a continuation of Alphington Grammar’s commitment to innovative, educational learning spaces integrated with state-of-the-art facilities and educators to support, encourage and enhance the student learning experience.

This new facility will give both primary and secondary students the opportunity to develop their STEM capabilities in a modern, purpose-built space, which is geared towards developing their creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills.

The time has come for Alphington Grammar to write a new chapter for its future. Its bold new vision is underpinned by new areas of learning, and enhanced curriculum offerings and facilities, led by experienced and passionate educators that will help students to connect the head and the heart for generations to come.

Alphington Grammar invites families to visit the school and experience the wonderful grounds, strong sense of community and commitment to learning with all the senses.

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