Tyndale: Learning in Community

Tyndale Christian School partners with parents to prepare and equip its students for a life of service as disciples of Jesus Christ. Implementing this vision is achieved through a threefold approach of learning, growing and serving in the Christian community, and discovering true humanity by learning to act with and for another.

Tyndale encourages students to see themselves as being part of a learning community, recognising the sovereignty of God while pursuing wisdom and delighting in the gift of learning. At Tyndale, Christian education is about more than imparting knowledge of the world. Students are taught to understand their world in light of the wisdom and knowledge of God as found in Scripture, acknowledging that all truth is God’s truth, and learning to discover that truth in the context of a Christian community. As Christians called upon to show God’s love and to live in a way that reflects His glory and His plan for humanity, students are encouraged to consider Biblical values of love, compassion, respect and hope as they engage with each other in the school community.

Excellent learning is a hallmark of the Tyndale Community. Its outstanding Early Years Program in the Preschool and Prep School exceeded National Quality Standards in 2017.

Excellence continues throughout the Junior School and Middle Schools which commence with an outstanding Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan in K-2. The Plan has boosted student Literacy and Numeracy outcomes in the past two years while also further enhancing teaching skills and strategies.

Tyndale’s new Senior Study Centre, completed in late 2017, was specifically designed to enhance the concept of learning, growing and serving in the Christian community. It has provided new learning opportunities in a collaborative, learning environment which will enable senior students to work independently and in cooperation and collaboration with others in flexible and creative learning spaces.

The completion of the new building has supported the programming of new syllabi across many Key Learning Areas, utilising the flexible learning spaces and rethinking the way we teach. It has allowed for classes to be delivered to whole year groups and for teachers to work together collaboratively, providing collegial support and better learning outcomes for all students.

Students are immersed in a world of cooperative, purposeful and interesting learning where the gifts and abilities of individual students are nurtured reflecting the Biblical injunction to serve others through the use of these individual gifts and skills so that in all things God may be praised, as written in 1 Peter 4:10-11.

The layout of the classrooms allows students to learn in group settings, enables staff to teach collaboratively and students to have access to support more readily. The movable glass walls and modular furniture can also be adapted to suit quiet, independent learning and more traditional classroom structures when required, where students engage with technology and become effective communicators.

Flexible learning spaces complement current and changing pedagogies. They enable social and collaborative learning, integrated curriculum delivery with a mix of teacher-directed and student-directed teaching and learning, independent learning, project work and direct instruction.

Year 12 students have been using the large, new modern Independent Learning Centre admirably during their study periods. The glass break-out rooms are used effectively to engage in group study and for students to work individually with teaching staff for further mentoring. The larger area allows students the flexibility to use the space as they need for quiet study or group discussions through the provision of a variety of work stations.

Tyndale’s student leaders are equipped to give generously of their time, talents and resources to participate in service opportunities and become discerning and engaged global citizens. This reflects the school’s motto: Serve the Lord with gladness.

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