St Margaret’s enhances learning with state-of-the-art facilities

Students at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School returned to a new state-of-the-art collaborative lecture space when school resumed in 2018.

Work commenced during Term 4 2017 and continued during the Christmas school holiday break, with existing classrooms refurbished to become a large 120 seat ‘lectorial’ space with the flexibility to enable team teaching, lecture style presentations and group work – all in one lesson.

St Margaret’s Principal Ros Curtis said the high-tech facility will foster a true 21st century learning environment.

“Students will be able to move fluidly and spontaneously from a traditional classroom style setup listening to the teacher to collaborative discussion with peers and group work.

“It will allow lecture style teaching sessions to be enhanced through opportunities for student collaboration and keep the learning environment lively with student discussion and interaction,” Ms Curtis said.

Through a clever mix of fixed and swivel seating, tiered levels and an advanced technology fit-out, teachers and students can move seamlessly from one style of learning to the next with little interruption.

The flexibility of the space will also broaden its purpose beyond simply a teaching space, expanding its use to student meetings, live performances, and parent and staff meetings.

The school’s future development plans include the construction of a “tinker” space for primary school students and a revitalised sports precinct.

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