Preshil’s programs fuel imagination

Early childhood is a time for powerful experiences that forever fuel the imagination of the scientist, artist, author, philosopher, and builder — experiences that children carry into their future as a core of inspiration, confidence and creativity.

Preshil’s specialist programs of Philosophy, French, Art, Music and Physical Education complement the core curriculum of trans-disciplinary, inquiry-based projects, targeting the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy. These, together with an extensive and challenging Electives program, nourish and enhance children’s personal and academic development.

Our Primary School curriculum is underpinned by high expectations for every child – inspiring and encouraging them while respecting difference and individuality. Both personal and collaborative projects promote creativity and imaginative thinking, and there is time allocated for uninterrupted play.

Preshil is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program (PYP), as such our students are equipped to transition seamlessly into the Middle Year Program (MYP) and Diploma Programs (DP) offered at our Secondary School.

The International Baccalaureate PYP is a framework that allows Preshil to develop a contemporary and progressive curriculum. The framework focusses on qualities underpinning successful learning for each child; rich understanding at the conceptual level, building of specific discipline-based knowledge, and the demonstration of increasingly sophisticated skills across all learning areas. The PYP is based on the core belief that knowledge is constructed and that this construction is most effectively done when each child is engaged, appropriately challenged, and has a voice in how their understanding will be assessed.

At Preshil we believe that such learning can only succeed when there is a close relationship of trust between child and teacher; emphasis is placed on the role of building deep, respectful social relationships as the primary building block of personal interactions.

The MYP provides a framework of academic challenge for the Australian National Curriculum for Years 7-10 and draws upon a world-leading curriculum that encourages students to become active, compassionate and life-long learners, as well as critical thinkers who identify and make connections between traditional subjects and the real world.

Students develop depth of knowledge and balance through study of eight subject areas: Arts, Individuals and Societies, Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education, Sciences and Design.

The DP (Years 11 and 12) allows creation of greater coherence between our values and practice. Like Preshil, the DP understands that for education to be truly valuable, it must address the needs of the whole person and not simply the academic entity.

By cultivating self-reflection, foregrounding interconnectedness through collaborative learning and community engagement, and encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests, the DP provides students with a meaningful educational experience, one that is responsive to their needs and will equip them to be active, contributing members of a global community.

At our core remains an unshakeable commitment to encourage all children to progress at their own pace towards their own goals, and to be respected as individuals in their own right. Preshil is committed to nurturing and challenging our children in an atmosphere that inspires creativity and independent thinking in all areas of life.

The school neither overtly nor subtly uses competition or punishment to motivate through the fear of failure. As global citizens, we promote an awareness of world issues and encourage effort to create positive change. Preshil believes that education should prepare students to be thoughtful, peace-loving and active citizens of the world. Whilst remaining academically rigorous, Preshil continues as a school that places kindness, compassion and social relationships at the centre of its operations.

Preshil students are challenged to set goals that support them to reach their academic potential. The IB Learner Profile emphasises the development of the whole person, actively cultivating the attributes of our students as inquirers; knowledgeable thinkers and communicators who are principled, open-minded, caring, courageous, balanced and reflective; global citizens with an awareness of their common humanity.

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