Nudgee College: Fostering leadership

Dean of Students at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Peter Todd, discusses how the school nurtures and develops leadership skills in each of its boys, across all year levels.

It is always a blessing to be in the St Joseph’s Nudgee College Chapel with the Year 11 students each October when the following year’s College Captain, Vice Captains and Prefects are announced. There is so much energy and joy. This follows a huge and comprehensive process, during which each Year 11 student makes a pitch to his House, is voted on by his year level cohort and House members, and interviewed by a senior staff member. However, that is merely the process at the end of a long and deliberate journey, and one that boys have been on since they joined the college.

The college’s Strategic Plan highlights ‘fostering leadership capability’ as one of five priority areas for the boys’ education. All seniors are called to lead in different ways; by modelling the way for the younger boys, being a Pastoral Care leader, being an Activities Captain, through leadership on our bus network, through engaging in our community service programs, and much more.

However, it is not only the seniors who are afforded opportunities to lead. Student leadership is celebrated in both the day school and boarding houses. Leadership is also a core unit in our weekly Student Formation lessons across a number of year levels. You could ask: How might all our boys from Years 5 to 12 illustrate leadership? Following are just a few examples of the many ways in which boys can lead at Nudgee College:

  • Getting involved in the college’s Social Justice Program
  • Building relationships through teamwork by participating in one of the many college activities
  • Being present at college cultural and sporting events to show support for their peers
  • Completing the Duke of Edinburgh Program from Year 9
  • Captaining a sporting team or leading a cultural activity
  • Supporting their House charity by initiating or participating in fundraising activities
  • Being an Altar Server or Eucharistic Minister at community liturgical events

All boys are encouraged to live out the college’s motto of Signum Fidei – a Sign of Faith – in everyday life at Nudgee College by being a person of humility, respect, courage, collaboration, justice, and someone who is getting the most from their liberating education. As our Nudgee College men walk their path they are learning leadership skills and seeing leadership in action. It is just as much a deliberate part of the curriculum as Maths, Science and English.

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