Northside opens Centre for Innovation and Creativity

A new state-of-the-art precinct called the Centre for Innovation and Creativity has officially opened at Northside Christian College in Everton Park, Brisbane.

By focusing on curriculum and campus facilities, the College has strategically prioritised innovation and creativity to ensure its graduates are equipped for the job market of the future.

Centre for Innovation and Creativity is a 2900 square metre three-storey facility, which includes suite of film and television, design, technology, dance, drama, staff and flexible learning rooms, along with a modelling area for new designs and an ‘Entrepreneurial Hub’.

There are also several music studios, a music ensemble room being used by the College’s award-winning choirs, bands and orchestras and a recording studio.

Specialist equipment includes 3D printers, writeable walls, laser cutters, other manufacturing equipment and a kiln. There are also several breakout spaces to help students effectively complete their projects.

The new café incorporated into the centre allows hospitality students to practice their skills, serving other students in a real-life setting.

According to Northside, the new centre means that students now have easy access to a range of disciplines and equipment, all within one building, to further their problem-solving.

The new precinct offers flexible learning spaces and specialist facilities for students to become confident, articulate and innovative problem solvers who have the skills sought after in business and industry.

“True innovation is a culture: an openness to new ideas. It is displayed in the way we lead and manage the school,” said Northside Principal, Leighton Kuss.

“It is evident in the way our teachers constantly seek to meaningfully engage students and foster a mindset whereby students are willing have a go, taking appropriate risks as part of that journey.”

He added that Northside Christian College envisions pioneering entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary educational programs that will prepare young people with skills and confidence in an increasingly interconnected and borderless world, where creativity and innovation are prized.

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