New Horizons at Mount Alvernia College

Mount Alvernia College’s 2018 Staff Learning Conference, New Horizons, provided an opportunity for staff to explore new opportunities and learn together. The Conference Committee, headed by Assistant Principal – Staff Learning, Daniel Crump, coordinated a varied program.

Mount Alvernia College is a Catholic girls’ college which strives for excellence in all aspects of the education of young women. It provides staff members with the opportunity to further their skills through a variety of professional development courses and networking opportunities to ensure staff are aware of the latest technologies and techniques that may benefit the students and the College as a whole.

The School’s academic, operational and support staff play a key role in the success of the College, which is passionate about attracting and retaining talented and motivated individuals.

For the 2018 Staff Learning Conference, New Horizons, Mr Crump created a program structured around the theme of, “Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus.

Mount Alvernia College asserted that as students at the School are ‘millennials’, having been born in the 21st century, this requires exploring new horizons to engage and achieve excellence in educating the young women of this particular generation. New horizons need to be explored to understand and find meaning in the complexities of the Catholic school achieving its purpose.

Alongside this journey, Mount Alvernia College said that senior schooling in Queensland is embarking on one of the most considerable reforms in the last 20 years. The School said this reform will have far-reaching impact across the curriculum, and will see educators seek new horizons in developing relevant and engaging learning experiences that set its students up for excellence and success beyond the School gates.

The topics covered at the conference were diverse and aimed specifically at providing students with the skills needed to make their mark on the outside world.

Mount Alvernia College described the Staff Learning Conference as a cornerstone of Professional Development at the College.

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