Inspiring productive study

Recognising that students in their final year of schooling are often under pressure to keep on track with the demands of the HSC/Preliminary curriculum, Kinross Wolaroi School Student Academic Services (SAS), has for the past few years been holding Senior Study Camps for Year 11 and 12 Students.

Recently, more than 100 students attended a Senior Study Camp and the feedback from both students and parents was overwhelmingly positive.
The School undertook this initiative a number of years ago to support students with their note-taking, study and practice. Recognising that the holiday period can be a time where students can be easily lose motivation, the Study Camp was designed to bring like-minded peers together in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. It’s an environment where students, not teachers, become the main source of inspiration and motivation for productive study.
The Study Camp fosters an enhanced learning experience by encouraging independent study skills. A key study skill is the ability to prioritise and set goals. Setting goals and following a study program enables students to recognise key areas for improvement. The idea is to work smarter, not harder, and goals help to achieve this.
Students were mentored across several supervised independent study rooms with access to subject specific tutors and the opportunity to attend seminars on study skills and key subject specific topics. Small group rooms were also available to assist students support one another in peer discussion and learning.
The Study Camp was successful as it provided a valuable time for students to catch up with one another and help each other prepare and practice for the HSC Examinations. The camp also provided the opportunity for Preliminary students to foster good study habits now, rather than later, to aid in the future organisation and preparation for imminent HSC course work.
Homework and Study Club
Another initiative from SAS is our popular Homework and Study Club. The School recognises that homework and study skills do not come naturally and in this age, where technology can be a competing interest and distraction, students often need assistance to develop their skills in knowing how and why they should study effectively. By doing so, we see the positive impact healthy study skills offer by enabling students to become less stressed and able to identify and deal with procrastination and low motivation.
Held twice a week after school, the Club aims to produce an environment conducive to learning. Free from distractions and with the support of SAS staff and senior teachers from both the Mathematics and English Department, students can develop healthy study habits and access support in literacy and numeracy.
“Homework and study is crucial to the life of the student. One of the most influential ingredients for achievement is effort. Effort requires a growth mindset which is developed by practice and seeking mastery of learnt knowledge and skills,” says Yooie Choi, Head of Student Academic Services.

“Homework and study takes effort and with appropriate supports from the home learning environment, school and peers, a student is more likely to be motivated and undertake the necessary steps to work hard both in the classroom and home environment.”


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