Caroline Chisholm’s dancing star

Year 12 student at Caroline Chisholm in Melbourne, Veronica Vujicic, was chosen as one of 30 students from across Victoria to perform in the Top Class Dance show of the VCE Season of Excellence in late February 2019.

She achieved an A+ for her solo performance last year, which is about a growing tree that experiences bushfire. Through the performance, Veronica aimed to invoke emotion about the destruction caused by bushfires.

“Part of the curriculum is to produce a solo based on a story or stimulus – and I decided to do mine on a growing tree and burning tree,” she said. “I’m really passionate about trees and nature, so it made sense to incorporate that into my performance.

“I find that when you’re passionate about something it tends to come naturally.”

Veronica says she hopes to continue her passion for dance into the future.

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